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LiveWell Promotional Bottle Program Offer

Custom water filtration bottles from LiveWell can be fully wrapped with your company’s logo or brand. Our bottles are a great promotional giveaways for any occasion. Water bottles are such popular items for marketing because everyone uses them. They make a great giveaway at outdoor or sporting events where people will be thirsty and need water. When you put your name on a logo water bottle, your customers will use them over and over again. You see imprinted water bottles almost anywhere, at the gym, sports, offices, even in homes.

The LiveWell ECO Bottle Advantage

  • We have shipped over one million LiveWell ECO Bottles to satisfied customers.
  • LiveWell’s promotional water bottles use a full bottle wrap technology which allows for maximum brand exposure; up to 200% more than traditional labels to make your logo pop!
  • LiveWell promotional water bottles are reusable, biodegradable and BPA free. The LiveWell ECO Bottle replaces up to 300 single-use water bottles that consistently enter landfills. Your company will provide a sustainable product.
  • LiveWell promotional water bottles have a 30 day attachable filter that is EPA rated to remove chlorine and other harmful pollutants found in global municipal drinking water. Your event recipients will have an eco-friendly, branded product that produces an immediate and ongoing health benefit.
  • LiveWell promotional water bottles come with a reusable supplement chamber, offering 100% organic fruit flavored tablets with electrolytes for additional health benefits.
  • Best price guarantee – The LiveWell promotional water bottles offered through the promotional plan are 70% below retail pricing. Allows your event to maximize profits while offering a healthy, eco-friendly, sustainable product.

LiveWell Promotional Bottle Program Benefits

The LiveWell ECO Bottle Featuring:

  • 20oz capacity reusable bottle
  • Made with durable 32g PET plastic
  • Biodegradable and BPA free

The LiveWell Fresh Filter

  • Featuring Zorflex military filtration technology
  • Rated for up to 30 days, 2 uses per day
  • Instantly improves the safety, taste and odor of municipal water by reducing chemicals, pollutants and PPCP’s found in public water systems

The LiveWell Cap

  • The proprietary LiveWell Cap features a chamber where a dissolvable tablet can be placed, adding flavor and function to your water. For use with optional organic fruit flavor/electrolyte tablets

At LiveWell Water we pride ourselves in excellent customer service and quality products. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with your custom water filtration bottle. When you’re ready to order call us at 208-922-7194. We’re here to help you do all the Artwork and turn around samples for your event.

Why The LiveWell Promotional Water Filtration Bottle?

Today, promotional programs are considered to be one of the best strategies when it comes to creating a better brand awareness and advertising. Using our proprietary promotional water filtration bottle is one of the top marketing strategies.

A survey done by the Promotional Products Association proved that the use of promotional bottles, imprinted with a custom logo, was ranked as one of the most popular items used by companies for their marketing campaigns. These promotional bottles offer a wide variety of ways in which a company can advertise their logos and brand values.

The unique size, shape, color and design of our bottle, and customized full bottle wrap technology, adds further aesthetic value. A well designed logo and a uniquely designed bottle can get a company the right attention it needs. However, realizing when and how to use our bottles for promotion techniques is equally important.

How To Use The LiveWell Promotional Water Filtration Bottle?

Water is something that everyone needs, filtering out global water pollutants anywhere they fill up the bottles creates a healthful benefit. making our water bottles a standout for branding promotions. There are many ideas which can be useful for a company to reach the minds of customers and get a greater number of people to use and realize the health benefits of our bottles. Here are a few ideas listed out:

  • A company can use custom water filtration bottle to be given out to its employees. Usage of these water filtration bottles by employees not only promotes healthy living but also hygiene. It also creates a more environmentally friendly atmosphere in your office when employees are encouraged to use these bottles instead of plastic cups for drinking water.
  • Customized fully skinned water filtration bottles are great to be offered to any clients, customers or colleagues as a way to get the best tasting, safe drinking water in domestic and international branch offices. These can allow for the maximum brand exposure any company needs all in a reusable, biodegradable BPA free container.
  • Promotional water filtration bottles can be given in schools where drinking water is subject to odors and pollutants. These bottles can be used during camps or in marathons, sporting events and other athletic ventures. Our bottles imprinted with company logos are a very popular mode of campaigning.
  • The popularity of custom printed water bottles is due to their wide variety of uses. They can be used as “thank you” gifts to walkers at a walk-a-thon, birthday party favors, trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, fundraisers, and more. The possibilities really are endless.

If you’ve never ordered customized water bottles before the good news is that we’re here to help. Contact us today and let us help you give your recipients the best bottle for their health and the health of the planet all within your budget. 208-922-7194