LiveWell™ Healthy Hydration SystemLiveWell™ Healthy Hydration System

LiveWell ECO Bottle™ and LiveWell Sports Bottle™

LiveWell ECO Bottle

Your personal health and the safety of the environment are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we have developed our own ECO water bottle. Reusable and biodegradable, the ECO bottle™ is designed to be the most eco-friendly plastic water bottle for our environment.

Our ECO bottle is BPA and phthalate free, and it’s recyclable so it’s good for you and the environment. The plastics used in the ECO bottle contain a special FDA-Approved additive that enhances it’s biodegradability if it reaches a landfill. Our technology is so advanced, 3rd party tests show our bottle can biodegrade by an amazing 15% in just 30 days.

SAVE THE PLANET, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOUR BOTTLE! Every single one of us can make a difference! By using the Healthy Hydration System on your favorite brand of bottled water or our reusable ECO bottle™, you can prevent up to 300 disposable bottles from being manufactured, transported and disposed of every month and save up to $300 on bottled water purchases. We raise awareness and funding for global water issues by donating a portion of our sales to organizations working to create positive changes in supporting our environment.

Introducing the LiveWell Sports Bottle!

Through our partnership with top sport bottle manufacturer Polar Bottle, we are excited to introduce the LiveWell Sport Bottle. Together, we have designed a premium squeeze bottle that is both stylish and rugged, and will stand up to the abuse we know it will take being a part of your every day life.

Combining the thermal properties of an insulated vacuum bottle with the lightweight, flexible features of a plastic bottle, the LiveWell sports bottle is ideal for active people. This thing is so tough, it has a lifetime guarantee.

The LiveWell Sport bottle features a sleek, modern design, and can even be customized with your own full color custom artwork.