LiveWell™ Healthy Hydration SystemLiveWell™ Healthy Hydration System

LiveWell Fresh Filter™

Makes tap water taste like bottled water and bottled water taste better™

The foundation of Healthy Hydration is pure, fresh filtered water. That’s why the first step in our Healthy Hydration System is to take unfiltered tap water and pass it through our patented LiveWell Fresh Filter. When your water passes through the LiveWell Fresh Filter, harmful pollutants, foul odors and tastes are immediately removed, delivering great tasting, freshly filtered water anywhere you go. It’s easy to taste the difference the LiveWell Fresh Filter makes.

Our Fresh Filter features a silver impregnated, activated carbon cloth called Zorflex. Developed by the Calgon Carbon Corporation, a world leader in water purification, Zorflex is used worldwide by medical institutions, militaries, and even NASA for its superior absorption properties. It is available exclusively on the Healthy Hydration System.

The Fresh Filter is certified by the EPA for “bacteriostatic properties”, meaning we inhibit the growth of bacteria on the filter. The LiveWell Filter meets or exceeds NSF 42 national standards for water filtration and removes:

  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Over 42 Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s)
  • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP’s)
  • Foul tastes and odors

How the Fresh Filter Works

The LiveWell Fresh Filter has a two-step process:

  • Step 1 – Whether you get your water from a faucet, drinking fountain, or purchased bottled water, the water first passes through a silver impregnated highly condensed carbon cloth killing bacteria and viruses on the media itself while reducing chlorine (for taste and odor).
  • Step 2 – The water flows through the carbon cloth particle screen trapping sediment and polishing your water.

With the LiveWell Fresh Filter, you’ll have access to great tasting, freshly filtered water everywhere you go.

Living in our modern society has its perks. We have access to running water almost everywhere we go. So why is it that most of us would rather go out of our way to spend money on a bottle of water, when we can just get it from the tap? Well, living in our modern society has its problems too, and your tap water might not be as safe as you think.

Many water treatment plants use filtration methods designed over 100 years ago, and aren’t equipped to handle today’s water contaminants. Chlorine, TTHM’s (a cancer causing by-product of chlorine), herbicides, pesticides and new contaminates like Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products are introduced into our water systems every day, and end up in our tap. Not to mention foul odors and tastes.

To check the water quality in your area, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and within seconds, you will have your personalized water quality results.

Our Certifications and Seals of Approval

The LiveWell Fresh Filter is certified by the EPA for its bacteriostatic properties, is pending certification with the Water Quality Association Gold Seal Product Certification Program, and meets or exceeds NSF 42 national standards for water filtration.