LiveWell™ Healthy Hydration SystemLiveWell™ Healthy Hydration System


The LiveWell Healthy Hydration System™


The Healthy Hydration System filters, enhances and customizes your water!

The LiveWell Healthy Hydration System is an innovative dispensing cap that filters and enhances your water as you drink. Water is first filtered through the attachable Fresh Filter. Freshly filtered water then passes through an enhancement chamber where organic super fruit tablets unleash refreshing flavor, powerful antioxidants, and replenishing electrolytes.

LiveWell Healthy Hydration System

Healthy Hydration System Demo

LiveWell Fresh Filter™

Pure and Refreshing Water Instantly improves the taste of municipal water while reducing many types of contaminants and impurities found in public water systems.

LiveWell The LiveWell ECO Bottle™ and LiveWell Sports Bottle™

Attractive, reusable, safe, and “green” BPA-free and reusable, with an additive for enhanced biodegradability, The LiveWell ECO Bottle can help save you money and reduce the 60 million plastic water bottles that reach landfill sites every day.

LiveWell Enhancement Chamber™

Custom Flavor, Function, and Dosage LiveWell Enhancement Tablets slowly dissolve as water enters the chamber. Nutrients are released over the course of drinking a single bottle of water.

LiveWell Enhancement Tablets&#8482

Great tasting, clinically researched The LiveWell Enhancement Tablets come in great tasting flavors like cranraspberry and tropical citrus, and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors; with some of the most scientifically effective ingredients in the world.