LiveWell™ Healthy Hydration SystemLiveWell™ Healthy Hydration System

About LiveWell

The LiveWell Story

LiveWell Water is a small company founded by a youth soccer coach who wanted better hydration options for his kids. He was tired of watching them consume sport drinks full of sugar, or ordinary plain bottled water that had no nutritional value. He set out to create a Healthy Hydration System that would enable people of all ages to have a healthier choice with their water.

To create a truly Healthy Hydration System, we wanted to base it on great tasting, freshly filtered water. We also needed a way to change things up a bit, because… well sometimes plain water gets boring. We had to find a source of 100% natural fruit flavors, with the added antioxidants and electrolytes we wanted from a health drink.

After years of development, research and clinical testing we are proud to present a new way to enjoy filtered, nutritional, great tasting water: The LiveWell Healthy Hydration System. This innovative filtration and enhancement cap attaches to 95% of store bought water bottles, and our own line of reusable ECO bottles.